FAQ — CarRentCrete

Here are the answers to all the questions of interest!


How to book a car?

On the home page are all the cars in our company. To book a car, you need to fill out all the fields on the home page in the form and click send. Next, our manager will contact you and tell you which of the cars you like are available and what prices are available for them.

Is there a prepayment?

We have a prepayment of 20%. 

How is prepayment made?

After you have decided with the car, you will be sent to the mail a voucher that you will need to have with you when receiving the car, and a link (created at Tinkoff Bank) to make a prepayment. You can pay with any card in the world. No additional fee is charged.

Payment of the balance of the amount by non-cash settlement (card). Is it impossible?

If you want to pay the rest of the amount, when receiving a car, by cashless settlement (card), please inform about it immediately, when booking a car, so that our employee takes a mobile terminal with him.

What does insurance include?

Our full insurance includes FDW — Full insurance against all risks — without franchise — without collateral; CDW — Full insurance including accidents — zero franchise — without collateral; WUG — Wheels, tires, glasses, and mirrors, as well as car bodies and bottoms; TP — In case of theft; PAI — Personal Insurance. Some cars, Premium class, have a franchise. You will be informed about this when sending a letter with free cars and prices for them.

In which cases does insurance not apply?

Car insurance is not valid:
— if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
— in case of violation of the marking — overtaking through two solid lines;
— if the rules regarding the STOP sign are not followed;
— when driving on unpaved hills. Travel to Balos and Glamvus is prohibited in our vehicles!

What fuel policy?

When the car is supplied, the contract will indicate how much fuel was in the tank. With the same amount, you need to return the car.

Booked car. Is it served or an analog?

You book a specific car — it will be submitted to you. All real photos are on the website. In case (and this happens very rarely), if it is your car that broke down, it was damaged or it did not undergo inspection before being served to you — you will be served a car of the same class or a class higher! You're definitely not gonna be unhappy! We always go to meet our clients.

Driver's license. What's right?

To rent a car, we need to have a valid driver's license with us, and the driving experience must be at least one year. If you have International Rights — great!

Distance in kilometers. Boundless?

We do not have any fees for the kilometers traveled! How much strength you have — so much you will drive.

Extra driver. Is it impossible?

An additional driver can be entered into when issuing a contract when submitting a car. It has the same conditions as the main driver — experience from one year and age from 21 years.

What penalty if the key is lost or broken?

Fine 150 euros. Don't let the kids play with the keys.

There was an accident. What to do?

In the event of an accident, in no case should you leave the place. You need to immediately call the number indicated in the contract and tell what happened. Insurance works at the scene, and not when renting a car already in the hotel in broken condition. Also, our big request, before each landing in the car — to inspect it for new scratches or dents! If new ones are found, you must call again from the place to the number specified in the contract.

If you have a fine, who pays?

Any fines issued for incorrect parking or violation of traffic rules — pay the tenant of the car.

Car for a day. Is it impossible?

Unfortunately no. Because of the number of cars we rent for three days. We simply do not physically have enough employees to transport and pick up cars for a period of 1-2 days. If the car is served or returned in the region of the cities of Hierapetra and Chania, then rent from 5 days.

You have a night flight. How will the car be served?

Just as with the day arrival — we will meet you immediately when leaving the airport terminal. The employee will wait for you with a sign with your name and last name. You're definitely not going to get lost! But if suddenly this happened, a phone number will be written on the voucher, after a call to which they will instantly find you! Recall that for the night serve or return (from 22:00 to 7:30) there is a surcharge of 15 euros. If the supply and return fall for this time — a surcharge of 30 euros.

Flight delay. What will happen?

The main thing is not to worry! We'll meet you anyway! Our employee, who has to give you a car, will track your flight and meet you at the right time in the right place. Recall that it will stand immediately when leaving the terminal with a sign with your name and surname. Just in case, you will have a phone number in your voucher — if you have a flight delay — send a message to this number (WhatsApp, Viber), where you simply specify your last name, booked car, and that you have a flight delay.

What are the conditions for canceling your reservation?

Any changes or complete refusal to rent a car can be made 7 days (168 hours) before the moment of submission of the car. Otherwise, the prepayment, unfortunately, is not returned!

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any questions left — you can always email us — info@carrentcrete.com — and we will gladly answer them!